Cheerios aren’t just for breakfast…They also make a great party theme!

I don’t know many 1 year old kids that don’t like Cheerios, so how about a Cheerios themed 1st birthday party?
My little guy loved and I mean LOVED cheerios as a baby! Well let’s be honest, he loved all food as a baby. At 5 months old he pulled himself across the room just so he could try and steal his big sister’s peanut butter toast right off her plate. Don’t worry, he didn’t get any, but it sure was funny to see. Here’s a video of him doing it, in case you want to see for yourself.
As my rule in my house, mom is allowed to pick the 1st birthday theme, after that it’s free game for the kid to decide. I’ve always wanted to do a Cheerios theme and this was the perfect time to do that. Check out all the fun we had with this party.

The invites were an easy concept for me to decide on. I decided to do a replica of a Cheerios box but with my awesome little dude as the star. And of course a thank you card so I was all set to go once the party was over.


On to the party! I had a great time coming up with all the food ideas. Whether they resembled Cheerios or had actual Cheerios incorporated, there was plenty of yummy treats to go around.


Two of my little guy’s favorite foods as a baby were Cheerios and bananas. So the smash cake was a vanilla banana flavored cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and garnished with Cheerios. The cupcakes for the party guests were the same flavor, and everyone enjoyed them! 


Peanut butter Cheerios clusters. VERY delicious and gone rather quickly!


What looks more like Cheerios than donuts? The one on the left was made to look like a GIANT bowl of Cheerios using plain donuts, powdered sugar, a clear bowl and a big spoon. Then on the right is a delicious plate of giant frosted Cheerios. Donuts again of course, but you get the idea.


Yogurt parfaits made with vanilla yogurt, various fruit and Cheerios on top. A little out of the ordinary but actually quite delicious!


Some additional decorations included printing the invite larger and gluing it to an actual Cheerios box as well as getting a cardboard letter from a craft store and covering it in Cheerios. Nice touches to the decor.


The tablescape! All of the yummy treats for everyone to enjoy and lemonade to stick with the yellow color.


A few of these balloon clusters were leading party guests up the driveway. Cute, right?


The birthday boy! After watching him pick off each Cheerio one by one, we decided to give him a little help getting into the cake itself. He seemed to enjoy it. 

There you have it! A birthday party that was perfect for my 1 year old but really works for all ages!

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

Want the invite for your own Cheerios Birthday Party? Get it here

How about the entire party? A BubbaLu’s Celebration Creation is a Cheerios party in a box, all you have to do is get the food! Get it here



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