All you need is love…and maybe a donut

Who doesn’t love a good donut? If you say you, you’re lying. Or you haven’t had a good donut, in which case you could definitely use some deep-fried happiness in your life. Might I suggest you find a small ‘hole in the wall’ bakery. They always have the best, biggest, and most delicious donuts. Probably because they have been using the same grease for the last 40 years. It makes the donuts better, I promise.

Lately it seems like there is donut themed everything. Wrapping paper, leggings, pool floats, you name it, they’ve put pictures of donuts on it. Certainly made things easy on me when my eldest requested a donut party for her 6th birthday. Not to mention that it was an excuse to eat a lot of delicious donuts. I’m in!

The invite was based around the birthday girl’s favorite colors. They turned out fun, colorful and full of sprinkles, just like the birthday girl!


Now on to the party! Let’s start with the tablescape. I used a roll of donut wrapping paper as a wall decoration. I also found a cardboard initial at the craft store and covered it with sprinkles, a nice touch to the donut theme. Other decorations included a donut garland made with mini cd labels, a printer and twine. Then for food we provided a whole lot of delicious donuts, made the cake out of donuts, had donut hole and strawberry kabobs and a bowl of mixed fruit. Just to balance it out a bit.


For beverages we provided 3 different kinds of milk and juice. But you can’t have donuts without coffee. They kind of go hand in hand. Like coffee in one hand and a donut in the other. To keep it on theme I put a bunch of K-Cups in a donut gift bag. Cute, right?


Other decorations were scattered throughout, including some cute prints I made. I tend to find myself as a punny person. Get it? Punny? Like funny but full of puns? Alright, please don’t stop reading. I’ll stop. My favorite decoration of the party was the 8×10 prints. I created the posters, had them printed at a print shop and then found frames I had around the house and utilized them for the party. Total cost was around 4 dollars. Donut worry, I won’t do any more puns. That was the last one, I swear.


Another fun aspect was a photo-op area for everyone. We used more donut wrapping paper to cover the background and found a donut pool float as a prop. Here you can see the birthday girl posing with it.


dsc_1687Party activity! This was the first party where friends were invited so I wanted an activity for the kids to do to fill some of the 2 hours they would be at my house. I decided to have a ‘decorate your own donut’ table. I bought some plain donuts, made some vanilla frosting and found a bunch of sprinkles in the pantry. The kids had a total blast and BONUS it doubled as the party favor that the kids could take home. I found some cute take-out boxes at the craft store and used some extra donut stickers to personalize them. Super cute, super fun, and super efficient. Doesn’t get much better. dsc_1686

The party was a huge success, everyone left happy and about 5lbs heavier. Totally worth it.

Want a personalized invite for your own donut birthday party? Get it here!

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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