It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no wait, it’s a SUPERHERO birthday party!

I’m pretty sure that getting to plan kid’s birthday parties was part of the reason I wanted to have kids in the first place. Weird? Perhaps, but I have a blast and so do my kids so it’s a win-win.

So how are the themes chosen? Well I get free range for the 1st birthday but after that I let the kid decide and I take it from there. My second born decided on superheroes for his 3rd birthday. He couldn’t have picked a better year for it, there was superhero stuff everywhere thanks to a popular summer blockbuster. Take a look and see all the various parts of this super fun superheroes themed 3rd birthday party.

First things first, (and my favorite part) THE INVITE! When designing birthday invites I always design a thank you card at the same time. That way I have them on hand for when the party is over and the thank you cards need to be sent out. I decided on a more generic superhero design, an old comic book look. Here’s what the finished product looked like. Get your own personalized invite for a superhero party here!

Superhero Etsy

There were a lot of fun details throughout the party like these Rice Krispie Bars colored green for kryptonite krispies. YUM!


One of my favorite superheroes is Hawkeye, so I had to incorporate him somehow. I give you, Hawkeye’s Arrows made from carrots and celery.


Can’t forget Thor! Pretzel sticks and cubes of cheese create mini Thor hammers.


Hobby Lobby had some great generic superhero party items so I picked up a pack of photo props and decided to use them in different ways. This worked out great for our bucket of POP!


These monster cookie bars are a favorite around here. I picked up some red white and blue M&Ms when they were available and thought I’d figure out where to use them later. I decided on monster cookie bars which are really delicious and a weakness of mine. I give you, Captain America’s power bars! Get the recipe here.


The birthday boy saw these cups and HAD to have them for his party. So we got a few kinds of chips and filled the cups, chip cups!


I’m known for always having cupcakes at my parties, so I decided to make a Captain America shield out of them!


A little snapshot of the food table. Shortly after all the treats were gobbled up by party guests. The background you see there was just a blue table cloth from the party store taped to the wall and I drew on buildings with marker and added windows with construction paper and more of the photo props.


We’ve had these set of Hulk hands for a couple years and I was so excited to find a way to use them for the party. I came across this idea a few different times and decided it would be perfect for the birthday boy. Needless to say this was his favorite part, he even helped eat some of the smashed cones while I swept up.


Here is the birthday boy with his siblings, all of us got in our favorite superhero shirt and joined in the fun. All in all it was another successful party and we all had a blast! BOOM! POW!


Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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