Gone Fishin’ Birthday Party

Summertime in Minnesota means campfires, fishing, lake time, camping, tubing rivers, boating, etc. etc. etc. Basically cramming as many outdoor activities as possible into 3 months before the snow comes again. Not that there aren’t fun things to in the winter months around here but it certainly seems extra busy and extra outdoors for everyone during the months of June, July and August. So it made sense that a very cute 4 year old in my life requested a fishing party for this July birthday this year. As usual, I had a blast creating it and everyone seemed to have just as much fun celebrating!

First off, the invite! I love the wood background look and wanted to add in as many fishing type words into the text of the invite. Think it turned out REEL cute! (funny, huh?) This design is for sale in the Etsy shop, visit here for your own fishing party invite and thank you card!


On to the food. We decided to do a mid-afternoon party so we didn’t need to feed the guests a full meal but still wanted to provide some light snacks. To include this super cute set up. I used the same design from the invites and made signs for minnows (juju fish), worms (gummy worms) and fishing rods (pretzel rods) and placed all of them into a new tackle box that is now a new tackle box for the birthday boy to use!


I also found a really cute idea on Pinterest of using a fishing net and fill it with bags of goldfish and chips and label it “fish & chips”. Took me a while to get my kids to understand what fish and chips really are but the adults all got it.


Next up we had blueberries masquerading as caviar. Another thing I had to explain to the kids and once I did they weren’t as excited to eat it. More for the rest of us!


We also did worms and dirt, a classic from my childhood that seems to be a treat that everyone enjoys whether you are a kid or an adult.


I wanted to do something other than just treats so I made a bowl of tuna and put out some dollar buns and guests could make their own tuna sandwiches. I made this into the catch of the day, and it was a hit!


For cupcakes, the birthday boy requested cupcakes with blue frosting and fish on top. So I made simple vanilla cupcakes and injected them with blue raspberry jello and colored vanilla frosting blue. They were SO GOOD! And it made me realize I could switch around the flavor of jello for different holidays and themes. Stay tuned for a post with these types of cupcakes that are super easy and super delicious!


For the beverage we did blue raspberry lemonade Kool-Aid and called it Lake Water. We all talked about wishing that lake water actually tasted like that. Of course then I think we would have significantly less than 10,000 lakes if that were the case.


Here is a shot of the tablescape and decorations. Some other cute elements were the homemade banner made to match the invites. As well as the paper lanterns that I painted to look like giant fishing bobbers and hung throughout the house.


The party favors included a box of Sweedish Fish with a fishing bobber attached to it and a card from Franklin that read “Thank you for making my party REEL fun! Your friend, Franklin” The kids loved being able to take home a real bobber to use.


Finally for the party game we attached gummy worms to a dowel using twine and placed them at different lengths. Then had the kids line up and try to eat them without using their hands. Lots of laughing and funny faces ensued. As you can see, the birthday boy gave up and used his hands after all. It was a blast either way!


We all had a REEL good time at Franklin’s fishing birthday party. Another successful party in the books! Now time to get outside and enjoy what’s left of this summer in MN!

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!


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