Magical Unicorn Party

Unicorns seem to be everywhere. From clothes, to floaties, to cereal, the magical rainbow creatures can be found just about anywhere. I have to admit, I’m not hating it. There really is something magical and happy about them. I can’t say I was surprised when my daughter decided on a unicorn theme for her 7th birthday party. And how can you not be happy when staring at unicorns to plan a party?

Invites to start us off. I decided to keep it relatively simple with the design and add some fun touches to them once they were printed. I pulled out my daughter’s glitter glue sticks and added some glitter throughout the invite to make them sparkle. This is a great and inexpensive way to turn simple invites into something extra special. Get your own unicorn invite in the Etsy shop here.


Party day! To start guests off, we had each person come in and create their special unicorn name and write it on a name tag to wear throughout the party. Then whoever wanted to, could take a unicorn horn to wear and take home. Everyone loved seeing what their name was and sharing it with everyone. For the record, I would now like to be referred to as Fairy Silver Moon. K, thanks!


On to the food table. Check out some of the delicious and super cute ideas:

Magical PB&J sandwiches
Unicorn Horns
Wafer cookies dipped in almond bark and covered in rainbow sprinkles
Unicorn Popcorn made with almond bark that I colored with gel food coloring and drizzled over top of the popcorn

The cake! I LOVED this cake. It was super easy and everyone loved it. I used boxed vanilla cake mix and before baking, split it up and used food coloring and made 4 layers. I covered that bad boy in a ton of frosting, then used all the rainbow marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal as a garnish around the cake and on the plate. This is a great job for the birthday girl to do. Give her a box of Lucky Charms and have her sort out the rainbows. And bonus, she’ll likely eat some cereal and then you’ve got snack time covered! Then for the horn I just covered a waffle ice cream cone in frosting and dipped it in sprinkles. I also decided to sprinkle some of the extra cake on top, this was from leveling off the layers so they sat evenly on top of each other. Again, SO easy and SO cute when you cut it!

The decorations throughout were also budget friendly. I made some cute 8×10 signs to match the invite with various unicorn phrases and placed those throughout the house for people to enjoy. I also used streamers, construction paper, cotton balls and letter stickers from the dollar store to make the backdrop.


To finish off the party, the party guests were able to take home some unicorn poop home to enjoy. Once again, I just made up the labels to match the invites and stapled them to a sandwich baggie full of colored mini marshmallows. It was a hit and the kids loved being able to say they ate unicorn poop.


I can’t forget to bring up the unicorn punch! I had no idea if it would work but it totally did and it was awesome! You can get the easy peasy 2 ingredient recipe here.

unicorn punch
That’s it! All the ingredients for a mystical, magical unicorn party. All on a budget, and a party that will not soon be forgotten. If you want it even easier, I have a unicorn theme party box in the Etsy shop. Everything you need for the party in one box, you just get the food and you’ll be all set! Check out the Celebration Creation here.

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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