DIY Barn Doors for Farm Party

My boy/girl twins recently turned two and we decided to have a farm theme party. I’m always looking for ways to have parties on a budget and this was no exception. For the main decoration I knew I wanted barn doors somewhere. And what better way to keep a budget than to DIY-it? So off to the dollar store I went and I was able to get 3 of my 4 supplies needed for only $3.00. Then I just needed the spray paint, which I got at the hardware store for $4.00. Here’s everything I used:IMG_1181That’s 2 foam poster boards, masking tape and a can of red spray paint. First up was to tape off the areas that I wanted to keep white. When I think of barn doors I think of the classic “X” and white border. So I used the tape to avoid getting paint on those areas.IMG_1182Next up, I took the boards outside to ensure thorough ventilation to spray paint the boards. (side note, make sure you make note of the wind direction to avoid getting paint on your feet. Not that that happened to me…) Here’s what it looked like after painting.IMG_1399I kept the tape on the boards until after it was completely dry. I just waited until the next day. Then I slowly peeled off the tape and revealed some super cute and budget friendly barn doors for our farm party! Check out the rest of the farm party ideas in my other post here.IMG_1407DSC_0209

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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