Moo, Oink, Baa – It’s a farm party!

Having boy/girl twins can be a challenge when it comes to planning parties. Do you have half “boy” theme and half “girl” theme? Do you have separate parties? Do you do a gender neutral theme? Since they were turning two this year, I decided to stick with something neutral that I knew they both would love. Farm theme! It’s a great way to include both their interests and only worry about planning one party. Scroll through here to find some of the super cute ideas we incorporated into my budget friendly DIY farm theme party.

For the invite I decided to use mainly primary colors and some cute animals. You can find this invite custom made for digital download or print and shipped in my etsy shop here.Farm Etsy

The tablescape turned out great! For a guide on how to create your own barn doors for only $7, check out the other post here. The birthday sign and table tents were all created on my computer and printed on my printer. Makes it easy and keeps things in budget. DSC_0209Here’s a close up of a few of the various foods we had for the party. To include chicken feed, cow pies, and farm fresh eggs. So cute!

Some of the other decorations we had were a farm party decoration as well as a farm toy that the kids already had. DSC_0159DSC_0166We also had a drinking station which was labeled the watering hole. We had lemonade labeled the duck pond with little rubber duckies floating around. The cups were regular pink plastic party cups that I colored ovals on the bottom so they looked like pig noses when guests drank from them. Everyone had fun with them.IMG_1518

A few other elements we had were colored handkerchiefs for all the guests. As well as the party gifts which were cow tails candy. Then we also got a bag of corn feed from our local farm store and put some toys in for the kids to play in. It was a mess to clean up after but the kids had a total blast and we still have it for them to play in after the party.

For the cakes I decided to make cupcakes for the guests and two separate small cakes for each of the birthday kids. It was a simple box cake recipe and canned frosting colored to what I needed and a few small bags of fondant. As you can see, they went all in on eating the cakes and loved them!

And there you have it! A DIY farm theme party on a budget. Everyone had a blast! Here’s me and the super cute birthday kids. Check back soon for the next theme! IMG_1549

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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