DIY Lego Costume

Got a LEGO lover in your house? Become the coolest ever and make them a LEGO costume for Halloween! This one cost me $5 to make. And was easy to do. And super cute. What could be better?! Here’s how to do it:

Start with a diaper box. The little guy that I was making this costume for has younger twin siblings so diaper boxes are something we have A LOT of. I find this size works well for range of ages. My little was 4 when he used it, but it still fits him a year later and likely would fit for another year yet and could have easily worked when he was younger as well. So I’d say the diaper box could fit ages 3-7. Just depends on the size of diaper box and your little one.

Start by making some cuts. I first taped everything together then cut the bottom of a long end off. I then printed off a circle, so it was actually a circle, and cut the opposite end for his head. I did the same thing with the sides for arm holes.

DSC_2213DSC_2215Next up I found some SOLO cups that I had in the cupboard and cut them down about halfway. DSC_2218Next up I pulled out my trusty pink hot glue gun and stuck them to the front of the diaper box.DSC_2223Time for painting! Since I was using red SOLO cups I decided on red spray paint. But since I ended up using two coats of paint, I think you could really use any quality spray paint and make it whatever color you want.DSC_2233THAT’S IT! It was super easy. I did the majority of it within a couple hours one day. Then I waited a day in between coats of paint. It turned out super cute and he got a lot of compliments on it. The only thing I had to buy was the spray paint, everything else I already had. When he went out trick-or-treating, it was a COLD night so he wore a red sweatshirt and sweatpants underneath and I happened to have a red stocking cap that he wore on his head. It was perfect! Here’s my little wearing the costume nearly a year later.FullSizeRender

So there you have it. A DIY LEGO costume that your LEGO lover will adore and you can feel good about not spending a fortune on a costume. Check out my other blog post about tips and tricks for other creative and budget friendly Halloween costumes here!

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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