It’s a SHARK party!

For my oldest son’s 5th birthday, he knew he wanted a birthday party that involved having pools set up in the backyard, which then morphed into a shark party. You can imagine his sadness when he broke his arm just a few weeks out from the party and was going to have to have a cast on. We offered to change the theme but he wanted to power through. So we found him a cast cover and went for it! Here he is having a total blast and didn’t get a drop of water on his cast! *cue fist bump between mom and dad*IMG_2889

The invitations were simple but fun. I cut the white part out in the upper right corner following the lines. The birthday boy loved that it looked like a bite was taken out of it. All of the artwork for the party was based on this same design so it all flowed together nicely. Including the banner.


The party favors were cellophane bags with a box of Sweedish Fish candy and a squirt gun.


The food I had a lot of fun with. One great way I was able to save some money but stay on theme was to get sand pails from the dollar store. I used them for the favors and some of the food. Then the kids got to keep the pails after the party to play with.

The sand pudding was a lot of fun and simple to make. It was vanilla instant pudding and cool whip and I layered it in between finely crushed Nilla wafers. I also used pretzel sticks as driftwood, cheese balls as beach balls and gummy worms as shark bait.

Some of the other food included french bread sandwiches that I labeled submarine sandwiches. I also had grapes labeled fish eggs, malted milk balls as coconuts and you can’t have a shark theme party without some Pirates Booty. For the shark teeth I dipped Bugels into almond bark. And for the punch I just found a blue Hawaiian punch and labeled it pool water.

The watermelon was definitely the hit of the party table. I handed my mom a watermelon and a picture of what I wanted and told her to go to town. She did an awesome job and everyone loved it! We added a Ken doll for good effect and it was perfect!

The cake was a simple vanilla cake that I made to look like a beach scene. I was able to use the extra items that I didn’t use on the cake as part of the food on the food table.


Here’s the food table in all it’s glory. I love how it turned out and so did the birthday boy!DSC_0289

Despite having a cast in the summer, it was a successful party. And *knock on wood* we won’t have any broken bones this summer. Living in Minnesota, we have to cram most of our lives into 3 months of the year and broken bones tend to put a bit of a damper on that. Hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to check back here for more party theme ideas and tips. And visit my etsy shop for party items and much more!

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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