An Art Party

I have to say I really lucked out that my oldest child has a fascination with art and creativity. When she said she wanted and art party, my creative little heart just burst with excitement! The fact however, that I may have made a bit of a mistake inviting TEN 8-year-old girls into my house in the wintertime, is a story for another day. But anyway, back to the party! I really did have a blast creating this party. Plus, it was totally budget friendly and easy to do!

Let’s start with the invite and decor. The invite I wanted simple but colorful which is the theme I went with when it came to the decorations as well. While I don’t have this invite in the etsy shop just yet, it is available to be customized for your party as well, just contact me directly for a quote.Art Party Invite

For the decorations I saw a really cute idea used a couple different times while searching online of empty paint cans and table cloths coming out of them to make it look like paint being spilled. I used these cans from Amazon. I had thought about cleaning out a couple of the paint cans I have lying around the house but decided buying new ones would just be easier. I used fishing line to suspend them and taped a table cloth to the inside of each one. I LOVE how they turned out!IMG_5349

The other decoration that I enjoyed doing was the birthday banner. This one cost me NOTHING to make! Seriously. I went to my local hardware store and found paint sample cards. At home I already had the silver letter stickers left over from another party. (never throw away extra supplies, you never know when they may come in handy!) Then I used a hole punch to thread the ribbon through and hung it up. My daughter loved it so much she kept the one with her name on it to hang in her room!

On to the food! Per usual, I wanted either themed food or just food that was colorful. So we had chips and called them “paint chips”, rainbow goldfish crackers, rainbow candy, lemonade that we called “creative juice, pizza that we called “Picasso Pizza” and Rice Krispie Bars dipped part way in colored almond bark and a popsicle stick in it and called them “paint brushes”. All kid friendly and fun!fullsizeoutput_1966IMG_5345Version 2

For the dessert I went with cupcakes but wanted to let the kids get creative to stay on theme of the party. So I found these little pallets on Amazon, and put various sprinkles in each space with a plain frosted vanilla cupcake in the middle. The size worked perfect and the girls loved it. Now was I vacuuming up sprinkles for a couple weeks after the party? Perhaps. But you know, we don’t need to talk about that.fullsizeoutput_198b

Last but not least, we can’t have a party without activities. I decided to set up craft stations around the house. I let my daughter pick out three different crafts. She decided on foam door hangers, bead bracelets and (because it was in December) Christmas ornaments. I set up the stations and split up the kids so we didn’t have too much crazy all at once. Fortunately I had some adult helpers around to manage the chaos. But doing it this way, each kid got to take home 3 different crafts which doubled as their party favor! SCORE! Plus it kept them busy for quite a while which was great because it kept them out of trouble and destroying too much of the house.IMG_5339

All in all it was a great party. The kids had a lot of fun, I was happy being able to stay within budget and the birthday girl had a blast. That’s all we can really ask for, right? On to the next party!IMG_5350

Don’t forget to have a little fun today!

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